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Back in the day, local newspapers were vital in getting information about sporting activity out there. Here are contemporary reports of Northwood Wheelers. In many cases (maybe all?) the newspapers printed copy supplied by the club verbatim. Hence there are some duplications here.

Newspaper articles referring to Northwood Wheelers from 1949. This is only the year after the club was established, and only a couple have been located.

Just a few articles from 1950, concerning a couple of events.

Not so many reports in 1955, perhaps down to the committee being less active in this area. We do, however, have a report of the 1955 Club dinner.

Many newspaper clippings from 1957, including one from Nottingham! It seems as though Alan Stratman's time as top dog is over (possibly a consequence of his national service) and R. Hatherley had become the top rider with some strong results in open events reported.

1960 is the last year I can find references to the Northwood Wheelers in the local newspapers. This squares with Brian Major's statement that the club expeienced dwindling interest through 1961-1962, as it seems that the club wasn't submitting reports to the press.