480 miles

Sat July 2nd 39 miles I cycled up to college in the morning to make arrangements for the summer expedition to the Cairngorms. Riding home through Hyde Park a small boy leapt off the kerb causing my second tumble in 20 days! My front forks are now out of track. I took the frame up to Gordon’s in the afternoon. An unfortunate day.

Tues July 5th 49 miles Out training in the evening with the boys, over Coles Hill. Very warm.

Thurs July 7th 47 miles Training again, down to Slough, then left to Colnbrook and home via Hayes and South Ruislip. 80ºF today.

Fri July 8th 14 miles In the 80s again today: to hot to work. I am riding in the Century R.C. ‘100’ this weekend.

Sat July 9th 53 miles Rushed about town all morning and then collected bike from Prangley’s [front forks straightened]. Loaded up the bike for the weekend and then rode up to Biggleswade via Watford, Hatfield, Welwyn and Hitchin. Very hot and windy.

Sun July 10th 110 miles I started in the Century R.C. ‘100’ but packed it in because it was too hard in the 30 m.p.h. wind. Brian Major also packed, and Ken Dopson, although he finished, could only do a 5.4. We came home through St Albans. Very hot again; in the 80s and very tired.

Mon July 11th 24 miles Even hotter today; the hottest day since September 5th last year. Up to the club rooms in the evening. I took entries and money for the club ‘50’ on July 24th and then handed the books and organisation over to Brian Major – I am going on a 9 week holiday (and College expedition) to Scotland as from Saturday.

Wed July 13th 14 miles The hot weather continues. It was 73º at midnight and 86º at 4.00 p.m.

Thurs July 14th 14 miles Hotter, but it broke with a storm at 3.00 p.m. and became cooler; later hot and oppressive. It was 89ºF in Leeds today. I finished work at the Trimite paint factory.

Sat July 16th to 25th in Harrogate.

July 26th to Aug 22nd on Spey Valley expedition in Glen Tromie, near Kingussie. I took my bike up to Scotland in readiness for my Highland Tour, but covered no miles during this period except for 8 miles up the glen on Saturday 20th August.