936 miles

Fri Aug 1st 15 miles Went to Pinner and over to Gordon's in the morning. Bought a puncture repair outfit and ordered my crash hat. It rained later – it would have to start now, just as I am going on a lone 120 mile ride tomorrow to Swanage. [This was to be the last time I went on holiday with my parents. I only agreed to go if I could take my bike!]. We have not had rain now for about 18 days!

Sat Aug 2nd 115 miles Got up at 4.45 a.m. and on the road by 5.30 down through Uxbridge, Staines, Bagshot and Farnham to Alton where I stopped in a cafe. Then on to Winchester in the rain via New Alresford. After elevenses here I pushed on in intermittent rain through Romsey and Cadnam to Ringwood where I had a super dinner for 2/6d. It then cleared up a bit and the sun came out as I went into Poole and over the Sandbanks ferry to Studland and thence to Swanage by about 3.00 p.m. A very nice day but a bit wet at times.

Mon Aug 4th 36 miles Got out by 9.30 through Swanage, Langton Matravers and Kingston, down a super hill to Corfe Castle and thence to Church Knowle. Here the road climbed up to the top of the Purbeck Hills and I saw a wonderful view of half of Dorset! Down into Lulworth and to the cove – a super place. Had elevenses here and then returned via Wareham and Corfe. Easy coming home with a tail wind but there was a shower.

Sat Aug 9th 30 miles [I did no more miles that week and came home by train to Waterloo]. Rode home from Waterloo station via Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Corner, Edgeware Road, Wembley and Harrow. It poured again! Apparently Alan Stratman broke the club '30' record last Sunday with 1.15.55, and Len and Ken regained the tandem record (they did 1.9.16) which Tom and Boff held for 1½ minutes. It must have been a good event. I hope its fine tomorrow for the inter-club '25' against the Herige Wheelers.

Sun Aug 10th 92 miles Up at 5.15 a.m. and out at 6.00. I was off number 20 at 7.30 and did 1.8.40. Not an improvement but as I was caught by the lights both ways and it was blustery, it wasn't too bad. Still, I'm disappointed. Alan broke club record with a 1.2.41 and the Northwood Wheelers won the team prize and hence the inter-club competition. Very windy but easier on the return leg. Ken Dopson improved to do 1.6.13.

In the afternoon we went out to High Wycombe via Amersham, into the head wind. Had a super tea – but not at Smith's. We were then blown home down the Western Avenue. Went to Brian's house in the evening.

Mon Aug 11th 37 miles Went up to Len's in the morning via Ruislip and Duck's Hill. He was still in bed so I came home via Pinner. He called for me later and we went for a ride. In the afternoon I rode over to his place and then we went to the pictures. Club in the evening.

Tues Aug 12th 14 miles Went to Pinner in the morning and for a short ride in the afternoon. I have put my old saddle on the Holdsworth – for comfort!

Wed Aug 13th 46 miles Went to Ruislip in the morning and then over to Len's. We rode up to Prangley's and to my house several times and fitted his bike up. In the afternoon we went for a ride down through Ickenham to the Western Avenue and then home via Ruislip.

In the evening I ambled over to the '10' course and was off number 5. I improved 19 seconds to record 25.40 and took second place. Ken Dopson won with 25.12 and I pipped Len by four seconds. Six blokes rode. Quite a fast night but slightly harder on the return leg.

Thurs Aug 14th 28 miles Messed around in the morning. Went to Pinner twice and then up to Northwood. In the evening I went over to Len's and we went for a short ride, and then fishing with Alan Gash – caught nothing! A warm day.

Fri Aug 15th 21 miles Swimming in the morning with Len and then for a ride in the afternoon up to his house. Thunderstorm in the evening.

Sat Aug 16th 12 miles Over to Brian's and then to Alan's. We then went up to Gordon Prangley's and thence to Tom's house. Showery. I am going to marshal for the '100' tomorrow if I can get anyone to go with me.

Sun Aug 17th 81 miles Up at 5.00 a.m. and off with Roger at 6.00 through Rickmansworth, Amersham, Great Missenden and then down the 'Pink and Lily' hill to Princes Risborough and thence to Thame and to the marshalling point. We saw the riders through and then retraced our way through Thame to Chinnor where we had elevenses at the Silver Wing's cafe. Here we met some Middlesex R.C. boys whom we had met before at Basingstoke after the night ride in June. We had a long chat with them. We then rode with them up Bledlow ridge, down to West Wycombe and thence to High Wycombe and Beaconsfield. Here Roger and I left them down to Slough and to the track. Home at 5.15. Alan Stratman did a 4.4.47 and Tom Simpson a 4.4.49 this morning in the '100'. A very sunny day and quite warm. Went to Brian's in the evening.

Mon Aug 18th 12 miles Rain all day until about 9.00 p.m. Went to Pinner in the morning. Roger came round. Club night.

Tues Aug 19th 10 miles Went to Alan's in the morning and then up to Gordon's. He came round to me in the afternoon. Showery – not very nice.

Wed Aug 20th 22 miles I was going to go to Portsmouth today with Roger and Alan. Got up at 4.00 a.m. They were to have called for me at 5.00 but it was teaming with rain and no-one turned up! So I went back to bed. Called for Alan later and messed about all day. He had dinner with us.

Thurs Aug 21st 38 miles Left the house at about 8.30 a.m. down through Ickenham to Uxbridge and then along the A 40 through Hayes End, Southall to the Iron Bridge. Then left through Greenford and over Harrow hill to Pinner and home. Alan came round and we went over to Gordon Prangley's to buy him a new head set. We then went to his house to fit it. Eastcote in the afternoon. A nice day – no rain!

Fri Aug 22nd 35 miles Bright and sunny. Mended my sister's puncture in the morning and then went out with Alan through Watford, Garston, Abbotts Langley, Kings Langley for elevenses, and then home via Watford and the lower road through Moor Park and Northwood. Went for a short ride in the evening round the Manor and South Harrow; home through Rayners Lane.

Sat Aug 23rd 14 miles Pinner in the morning and then up to the bike shop. Met the boys there and we cycled over to Sheila John's house. A hot and fine day. Alan and Tom are attacking the club's Winslow-and-back figures tomorrow.

Sun Aug 24th 63 miles Went out to see the finish of the Winslow place-to-place event. Tom Simpson came in first with a new record of 3.28.45 but then Alan Stratman pipped him with a 3.27.56. I then went to call for Tony Standing but he had gone back to camp [RAF National Service]. Went round to Tom's in the afternoon and then out with Len Chapman for a swim at Black Park lake. Met Johnny Jacks and then continued to tea at Burnham Beeches. Home via Fulmer and the Oxford road. Hot and fine.

Mon Aug 25th 16 miles Called for Len in the morning and went to Pinner. To Eastcote in the afternoon. Club night. Paid 2/6d for the '25' on Sunday, but there is no '10' this Wednesday. I am off no. 3 on Sunday.

Tues Aug 26th 26 miles Went to Gordon's and to Pinner in the morning and then for a short ride round through Hatch End, North Harrow and Rayners Lane. In the evening I rode through Rickmansworth, along the Denham by-pass to West Hyde and then up the Bell Works hill and home via Ruislip. A nice warm day.

Wed Aug 27th 10 miles Mucked about in the morning; called for Len. A hot day.

Thurs Aug 28th 38 miles Did several odd jobs in the morning. Left at about 6.30 p.m. out through Harefield, up the lanes to Chalfont St. Peter, Seer Green to Beaconsfield, and then home along the A 40 through Ickenham. A warm night but too many flies!

Fri Aug 29th 21 miles A nice hot day. Sat in the garden after going to Pinner and Eastcote. In the evening I went out through Rayners Lane, Hatch End and up Hillside Road to Tom's house for Sunday's start sheet. I am off number 3 at 7.03.

Sat Aug 30th 12 miles Went to Eastcote twice and then up to Gordon Prangley's. Spent the rest of the day at Tom's.

Sun Aug 31st 102 miles Had about two hours sleep last night and got out of bed at 4.30 a.m. because I couldn't stand it any longer! Got out at 6.00 and off at 7.03. Felt pretty bonked all the way round and it was very windy. I managed a 1.8.43 – I seem to be in a 1.8 'rut'. Alan Stratman won (again) with 1.4.03; Jim Farrell and Tom Simpson also did 4s. Ken Dopson did a 1.5, Tony, Brian and Roger 1.6s.

Later, we (Roger, Tom, Colin Turner and I) met at Ickenham and went down through Slough, Maidenhead, Kiln Green and then off through the lanes to Waltham St. Lawrence where we helped marshal the finishing circuit of the WLCA 12 hour. We then returned through White Waltham, Shottesbrook, Maidenhead and Slough.