871 miles

Tues July 1st 45 miles Went out for a 'roar up' in the evening with Alan Stratman and Brian Major behind the tandem ridden by Tom and Boff. I got dropped on the way out as I let about three yards gap get between me and Brian. I had also been swimming in the afternoon. I did not get dropped on the way back. We did 14 miles in 32 minutes - about 25 to 26 mph.

Wed July 2nd 25 miles Rode in the club '10' and did 26.31 in wind and rain. Derek Speakman did 26.03 and Brian did 25.40 but they both turned up late so I get the medal! I hope that its all fair as I felt a bit guilty about it as I did the slowest time yet get 1st place. A horrible night: Roger funked the weather.

Fri July 4th 29 miles Went for a ride through Ruislip, Harefield, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross to Slough and then home via George Green and Ickenham. A warm night (after yesterday's 54º!) but a bit windy.

Sat July 5th 42 miles Warmer but still windy. Went up to Pinner and to Gordon Prangley's in the morning and then had an early lunch. Roger came round at about 12.15 and we went out to see the London – Leamington road race. Recognised Proctor and Bowes. We then went for a ride through the Chalfonts to Amersham and then home via Chorleywood and Rickmansworth. Bought some cherries and ice cream. We saw Rene Menzies and George Herbert Stancer out near the Chalfonts.

Two famous cyclists of the 'Golden Age' seen on the same day! Rene Menzies was a well-known long distance rider of Scottish and French descent. In 1937 he covered a total of 61,561 miles (168.7 miles a day) only to be beaten by the Australian Ossie Nicholson with 62,855 miles. Both were later eclipsed by Tommy Godwin who covered over 75,000 miles in 1940. The current record seems to be 80,647 miles, covered by Ken Webb of Crawley, Sussex, in 1972 [Webb's record claim has been much disputed, and is no longer accepted - the current record now remains with Godwin. However, note that at least two riders are attempting the record in 2015 - RDCS]. The all-time mile-eater, however, is Pat Kenny of Lichfield who has ridden approximately 700,000 miles by the end of 2001 during 43 years of recorded mileage [I am indebted to the members of the cycling forum at https://yacf.co.uk/forum for an update here: Pat Kenny's total has been exceeded by CCP Davies who reached 900,0000 in 2010 - RDCS]. George Herbert Stancer lived near Beaconsfield and in the early 1950s and was President of the CTC. In 1952 he was about 74 years old and still to be seen around the Chilterns on his tricycle.



Sun July 6th 85 miles Got up at 4.45 a.m. and out on the road by 5.30. Rode in the Westerley R.C. '25'. Brian caught me on the way out and did 1.6.20 and I improved to a by 1min 12 secs to clock a 1.8.19. Roger punctured but still did a 1.11.02. It was very hard and windy, harder coming back from the turn. We then went out to the Southdown cafe at Taplow for dinner via Black Park lake, Burnham Beeches and Burnham. Spent the afternoon along the river from Dorney to Maidenhead and met the club on the bridge at 4.30 p.m. We went for tea at Marlow and rode home, in the rain, down the A 40. A very warm day and quite successful.

Mon July 7th 10 miles Club night. Played darts. Most of the club are going to Broadstairs over the weekend but I shall not as I can't afford it.

Tues July 8th 8 miles Did not go out training this evening, but only for a short ride round the back of Pinner, Hatch End and Northwood.

Wed July 9th 49 miles Went swimming in the afternoon. In the evening went training up the A 40 through Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield to High Wycombe. I then climbed the (notorious) hill in 77" and came home via Amersham and Rickmansworth. Climbed Rickmansworth hill in 69" gear. Met the Brians (Major and Huggins) out training near Chorleywood. A nice warm night but too many flies about!

Fri July 11th 20 miles Out for a short ride but came home when it started to rain. It rained all night.

Sat July 12th 14 miles Up to Pinner and to Gordon's in the morning. Met Len Chapman and made some arrangements for tomorrow's run. When I got home I put a back brake on the Holdsworth: I am going to ride two brakes, an 81" fixed and carry bottles in the '50' on Sunday 20th. After that I shall strip it down again for the '10' and the inter-club '25' [versus the Herige Wheelers] on August 10th. A rather cool day, and cloudy.

Sun July 13th 75 miles In the morning I went out with Len and Ken Dopson (on a new bike) to the lake at Black Park where we had a swim. In the afternoon we went out to Windsor via Fulmar, Wexham and Slough, and then home via Datchett, Colnbrook, Langley, Iver and Uxbridge. A nice day but still windy. The club went to Broadstairs this weekend.

Mon July 14th 10 miles Rode up to the club rooms on the Holdsworth. I paid 3/6d for the club '50' next Sunday. Came home early.

Tues July 15th 32 miles Out training on the Holdsworth (the 'Green Flash') round the Hare and Hounds course. Climbed Rickmansworth hill on 81" gear. Saw Brian. A nice cool evening. On Thursday I'm going to see the roller racing at Ruislip Lido – Brian is riding. I also would have been if I had not got my bike ready for the '50' as Brian Major asked me. I shall ride next time.

Wed July 16th 12 miles Rode round the 'massed start' course; did the 11 miles in about 37 minutes. It includes all the big hills in the district (except Rickmansworth). A windy night, but sunny and quite warm. I hope there is no wind on Sunday.

Thurs July 17th 5 miles I started to go up to the Lido but turned back as I felt tired after a day at Ford's, Dagenham [a school trip].

Sat July 19th 20 miles Went to Pinner and Eastcote in the morning. I called for Tom to get 'gen' about tomorrow's '50' and we went round to see Bob and Boff, and then met Alan at Gordon Prangley's. We had elevenses in Northwood Hills. In the afternoon I got bike ready for the '50' and bought some glucose tablets [instant energy?]. I am second off behind Tom but with Alan Stratman three minutes behind me.

Sun July 20th 105 miles Up at 5.15 a.m. and out at 6.00. Off number two at 7.02. Alan (number 5) caught me near Wendover and Harry Ford nearly caught me coming back – because he had returned a short way! This made me go faster and I came home in 2.21.47 to take 5th place and 2nd handicap. Alan did 2.13.59 and Roger beat me by 32 seconds. A warm but windy morning.

In the afternoon we went to Slough track. Brian was beaten by inches in the sprint final. A very good meeting.

Mon July 21st 11 miles Club night. Made arrangements for the run on Sunday – swimming again in Black Park lake. A very warm night.

Tues July 22nd 35 miles Went out for a gentle ride round through Rickmansworth, up the lanes to Denham airport and Denham, then to Uxbridge and Hillingdon to South Ruislip. I met Brian here and we went round through Roxeth and Rayners Lane to North Harrow, Pinner and home through Northwood Hills.

Thurs July 24th 24 miles Went over to Roger's and then for a short ride before going over to Tony's with his frame.

Fri July 25th 3 miles Completely overhauled the Thanet - it gleams!

Sat July 26th 23 miles Knocked about as usual with the boys. Went up to Gordon's twice, and to Pinner and Eastcote.

Sun July 27th 70 miles Left at about 9.30 a.m. down through Ickenham to Wexham and had a swim in Black Park lake. We then went on to Edie's cafe in Slough for lunch, after failing to get a meal at Slough community centre. We spent the afternoon at Cookham after going through Maidenhead and Boulter's Lock and then continued to the Weststreet cafe at Marlow for tea. Came home via Taplow, Burnham, Farnham, Stoke Poges, Wexham (another swim in the lake!) and Ickenham. A very nice day but a bit cool.

Mon July 28th 46 miles I went out for a ride to Amersham in the morning; very windy going out. Club night. Paid 2/6d for the inter-club club '25' on August 10th. There is no '10' this Wednesday.

Tues July 29th 10 miles A short ride to Pinner and Eastcote in the morning, then up to Pinner again in the afternoon on the 'Green Flash'.

Wed July 30th 38 miles In the morning I went up to Len's and we went over to Wembley on the tandem. In the afternoon I went swimming at the Lido. A warm day but still windy.

Thurs July 31st 25 miles Over to Len's again in the afternoon and then for a ride over Duck's hill to Northwood. We met again in the evening with Ken Dopson and Alan Gash for a ride to Ruislip Lido. Home at 10.30.