594 miles

Thurs May 1st 48 miles Left home at about 5.30 p.m. down the Western Avenue and up the A 40 to Beaconsfield. Then right to Amersham where I met Roger Bingham at the top of Stanley hill. We continued on through the Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross to Slough and home up the viaduct and Ickenham. A nice evening but very close.

Sat May 3rd 23 miles Went to Prangley's in the morning and to Pinner twice. Got a new Brooks B 57 saddle for the Holdsworth so that I can "break myself in"before the bike arrives! I then met Roger and we cycled over to Wembley in the pouring rain to book some tickets for the Wembley 'six' on Friday night. Got soaked.

Sun May 4th 105 miles Met the club and left at about 9.30 down through Greenford and Teddington to Kingston and thence via Surbiton to Esher for elevenses at the 'Winning Post' cafe. We then continued on through Cobham, Ripley, Guildford, and up the hill to dinner at the 'Queen of Hearts', Hindhead in the pouring rain. Had a wash at dinner and dried our clothes out a bit. We then descended the hill (still in rain) to Farnham and Aldershot. Roger came off his bike and Brian Major stripped a cotter pin. We struggled through Farnborough, Bagshot, Windsor, Bray and Maidenhead to tea at the 'Southdown' cafe at Taplow. Roger, Len Chapman and I got there about one hour before the others and met Tony Standing there. After tea we poodled home still in the rain. A nice day but very wet!

Mon May 5th 10 miles Club night. I entered for the club '50' on May 18th.

Tues May 6th 2 miles Did not go out for a 'proper' ride, but stayed in to pack for our school trip to Dale Fort in Pembrokeshire. I will be off the bike for a week.

Thurs May 15th 43 miles I have spent the last 8 days in Pembrokeshire. Walked about 80 miles (or so it seemed). Today, went for a ride with Roger in the evening. He broke the club junior '10' record last night with a 24.59 on the new course! I'm longing to have a bash. We went out through Bushey, down the Watford by-pass through Boxmoor, Flaunden, Chenies then home through the Chalfonts and up the viaduct. A warm night . Geoff Madgewick came off on Essendon hill on Sunday and is now in Hertford hospital.

Fri May 16th 22 miles A really warm day. Went round to Geoff's in the morning – he's coming home on Sunday. I then went round to Brian's and then over to Alan's and for a short ride. Met Brian Major. Brian (Huggins) is riding in a Junior 3 mile event at Slough track on Sunday. Brian Major did a 1.18.00 in a '30' on Sunday – a club record, but he can't claim it because it was a 'private'. The Huggins' have a tortoise!

Sat May 17th 17 miles Went to Pinner in the morning and then over to Gordon Prangley's to pay something towards the new bike; I took home some of the components. Stripped Thanet down in the afternoon and then went for a ride.

Sun May 18th 92 miles Up at 5.45 a.m. and off number 3 at 7.33 in the club '50'. I caught Jerry Sexton and Bob Harvey before Wendover, and then Derek Speakman and Tom Simpson caught me before Princes Risborough. Alan Stratman passed me just before Wendover on the way back and he was first home in 2.13.45 – a minute off the club record. I managed 2.22.44 which is more than 21 m.p.h. which was my aim for this year. Derek did a 2.17, Tom and Brian Major 2.19s and Roger Bingham a 2.20.39. I won the handicap again – I expect that my dear friends the handicappers will soon tighten down on me!

Very hot in the afternoon (85º). We went over to the Slough track. Brian qualified for the Junior 3 mile final and then came fourth (6 points).

Mon May 19th 10 miles Club night. It rained in the evening.

Tues May 20th 22 miles Went a long way round through Pinner to Nell's (cafe) to meet the boys at 8.00 p.m. Had two cups of tea and then went over to Colin Turner's and had another. We then came back to Nell's and had a fourth! A nice evening but much cooler.

Wed May 21st 13 miles Went again to Colin's in the evening with Alan. On the way back he bit the dust by Mad Bess woods as we were burning home to see the T.V. Saw the last five minutes of the Wembley 'six': Strom and Arnold are leading. Reg Harris won the invitation sprint with Bardsley third.

Thurs May 22nd 32 miles Went out with Roger through Wembley, Edgeware road to Hyde Park, Westminster, Hammersmith, Chiswick, South Kensington and then home via Earls Court and Harrow. Much warmer. We are going to the 'six' tomorrow night.

Fri May 23rd 14 miles Went to see the Wembley 'six'; stayed from 7.00 p.m. until 2.00 a.m (7 hours!). It was super. Rigoni and Terruzi are now leading with Roth and von Buren, Strom and Arnold, and Ricketts and Gellow after them. [Alf Strom and Reg Arnold of Australia finally won the event. This was to be the last of the London 'sixes' for 15 years]. On the way home I hit the curb and buckled my back wheel and wrecked the gear. [Actually, we were all sprinting down the hill from Harrow to North Harrow, emulating our six-day heroes, when I hit a sticky-out bit of kerb. I remember 'flying' over the road to hit an advertisement hoarding, to be closely followed by my bike. We were made of rubber in those days!]. Home at 3.00 a.m.

Sat May 24th 10 miles Alan came round in the morning to help mend my gear. We then went up to Prangley's in the afternoon and I bought a new front brake. Saw the 'six' on T.V. again in the evening.

Sun May 25th 54 miles Slept in until 10.00 a.m. this morning (!). I then got up and went out to see the finish of the club '100'. Alan Stratman was the fastest – a club record, 4.44.50. In the afternoon we went out to the Shanty at Bourne End for tea. We opened the lock gates and Tony Easy went for a swim (in the nude). A very hot day.

Mon May 26th 10 miles Club night. Took bookings for Sunday's run to Littlehampton.

Wed May 28th 25 miles Rode in the club '10' on the 'new' Western Avenue course. Very hard, most people went backwards by at least one minute, Roger by 1½ minutes. I poodled round (truth – I finished as fresh as when I started) in 27.05. I was surprised, on the old course one would have had to really bash on a good day to do this. It must be a fast course. Derek Speakman won with 26.25, Roger did 26.34 and Len Chapman 26.45.

Thurs May 29th 8 miles Committee meeting at Tom's house. I have got a cold.

Sat May 31st 15 miles My cold is very bad! Went up to Prangley's in the morning and found to my delight that my new iron [the Holdsworth Zephyr] was in! Fitted some of it up later. I hope that I can throw off this cold completely by June 15th [the annual inter-club '25' with the South Ruislip C.C.].